Compliance365 provides a modernized digital delivery channel to support water and wastewater certification programs. Our online services simplify the application process and allow operators to manage their profile and apply for exams, renewals and upgrades electronically. 


The Compliance365 Eligibility Engine assesses the applicant’s training and experience against your specific regulatory requirements.  The results are presented to the reviewer to support the decision-making process while improving accuracy throughout the assessment.


Remove the guesswork, speed up the application process and reduce errors by using this innovative solution.

For more info, check out this video


 Submit applications for exams, certificate renewals and upgrades online

Speed assessments for applications with our customized renewal and upgrade eligibility check.

 Clients see real time statuses on  submitted applications. 

Access customized reports for your certification program in seconds.

Reduce human error and improve data integrity with a one window submission and assessment portal.

Eliminate unnecessary paper records.

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