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Proven solutions for Federal Compliance Programs. Let us help you break down silos.

Compliance365 provides Federal Compliance Programs with the tools they need to stay focused on what matters. Maximize the efficiencies of data management, track the requirements for accreditation and training of employees, and streamline workflow across different program areas.



Compliance365 maximizes the efficiencies of data management for Provincial and Federal Compliance Programs by automating program work flows, electronically tracking certification and training, and auto-generating notifications for clients.


 • Improve efficiencies by eliminating wasted time, resources and costs associated with managing a paper program.

• Applications will be complete upon receipt and require much less additional verification.

• Clients can see live status of their applications while they move through the approvals, which will reduce calls and emails.

• Any regulatory changes can be made quickly to the system with no lag time.

• No additional space is needed to archive files, as all files will be maintained and archived electronically.

• Customized reports ready at your fingertips.



Upload both your internal water quality tests and external lab results in a matter of seconds.  Provide timely and accurate reporting on water quality and set up automated alerts and warnings for your customers.

External labs can upload test results directly into Compliance365

Field staff can save time and energy by setting up regularly scheduled testing logs to upload results quickly, or manually enter field logs.

Create customized reports to view water quality results for specified areas, times and parameters.



Compliance365 provides the perfect solution for your records management. No more paper records scattered over your desk or taking up precious filing space. Documents are all digitalized and stored and always ready in case of an audit.

• Files are uploaded and stored in the system.

• Applications, training and certification records are all digitalized and easily accessible.

• Customized reports access important information, and are available with one click.



Set up customized alerts and warning parameters, which will notify your staff any external clients of any water quality issues automatically through email alerts.

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