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A revolutionary cloud-based solution for compliance programs with over 3000 users from more than 1000 organizations.



Online Certification Portal

Have external clients submit their certification and exam applications for water and wastewater operators on our self service online portal. Eliminate outdated manual paper based submission and assessment processes by bringing your certification program online.

Water Quality Data Management

Upload, monitor and manage complex water quality monitoring data from both field and laboratory tests while improving data integrity. Manage adverse incidents and advisories with our automated alert features. Utilize our dashboard for accurate and detailed reporting. 

Certification & Learning Management Portal

Manage and track all aspects of water operator training and certification.  Use our eligibility check to know when an operator has met the requirements for an upgrade or renewal and create the application package with one click.


  • An innovative digital solution to complex water compliance challenges.

  • Thousands of provincial and municipal customers are using Compliance365 to manage their certification requirements and vital water quality data every day.

  • Streamline outdated and tedious manual processes, while enhancing data integrity.

  • Create real time accurate customized reports utilizing our dashboard feature.


The platform of choice for federal, provincial and municipal partners

Province of Alberta

"Having a 100% automated online certification portal has enabled AEP to continue regular business during a pandemic."  


Tanya Hunter

Program Lead

Water and Wastewater Operator Certification Program 

Alberta Environment and Parks

First Nations Health Authority

"We now have a system which is customized to fit ours and our community partners business needs, instead of having to change our business to make the system work."  


Rob Fleming

Acting Manager

Drinking Water Safety Program

First Nations Health Authority

District of Muskoka

"Compliance365 links the training and certification community together in an ecosystem aiming to facilitate interactions with each other for the best outcome".


Marcus Firman


Water and Wastewater Operations

District of Muskoka

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