Municipalities and agencies go to great lengths to manually record, plan, organize and track the volumes of operator training and experience information required to comply with regulations under the Ontario Safe Drinking Water Act and the Ontario Water Resources Act.
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Compliance 365 is a specialized and affordable data management system that automatically integrates training, competency and compliance requirements for operator certification. A one-click function completes the licence application forms and generate a submission package with all the necessary reports and certificates.
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Compliance365 eliminates:
  • Inefficiencies in tracking operator training and certification
  • Duplicate data entries
  • Multiple silo systems
  • Hand-written paper applications, and the need to verify the accuracy of submitted information.
It has been specifically designed as a custom-made solution for Municipalities and Agencies, Training Providers and Provincial Ministries.
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  • Save time through reliable data entry with effortless retrieval
  • Centralized records and documents keeps you audit ready
  • Simplify the setup, coordination and tracking of training courses
  • Efficiently automate reports on training and work experiences
  • Monitor eligibility for renewal and upgrades to meet O.Reg. 128/04 and O.Reg. 129/04
  • Package all forms, reports and course certificates required for a complete submission with just one click
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  • Expand online marketing directly to your clients
  • Eliminate duplicated registration and attendee records
  • Expands online services and access to user’s profile, courses and certificates
  • Provide electronic course registration and tracking of attendees and direct delivery of this data to municipalities and ministries
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  • Providing value for government organizations with electronic applications
  • Replacing paper and associated manual data processes
  • Standardized formats improve data quality and accuracy

Compliance365 version 3

  • An innovative solution to a complex challenge.
  • Custom designed for Municipalities, Training Providers and Ministries.
  • Streamline outdated and tedious manual processes.
  • Generate a license application submission package with all the necessary reports and certificates with one-click.
Compliance365 version 4