Gain peace of mind knowing you are fully prepared for an audit.


Compliance365 reduces the time and cost spent on tracking, reporting and completing license applications for operators.


Compliance365 takes the complexity out of meeting the Ministry of the Environment requirements for water and wastewater operators and allows you to always be audit ready.


  • Your important records and documents will no longer be scattered across spreadsheets, emails and filing cabinets
  • Simplify the setup, coordination and tracking of training courses
  • Save the hours you typically spend planning, monitoring and ensuring your operators are on track for certificate renewals or upgrades.

Safeguard Accuracy

Standardized data entry forms include an auto-fill function to ensure accuracy. Also, enhance your Drinking Water Quality Management System with the capability to control your documentation, and be ready for an audit at any time.

Simplify Training

Keep accurate records of staff training and certification in one centralized database. Easily set up the curriculum and training hour requirements for CEU.

Conveniently store all of your internal and external training and attendance records within every operator profile, which can be searched and exported.

Automatic Renewals and Upgrades

Automatic reminders for employee training and licence renewals give you worry-free assurance.

An eligibility check instantly compares the employee’s acquired training hours; OIC and operating experience with the renewal and upgrade requirements then reports the results. With one click, you can complete the license application forms and generate a submission package with all the required reports and certificates.